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Hey everyone, it’s Kylie here, and I’m super excited to introduce you to Jackie, an incredible woman from our community at Rekreate Fitness. In this episode of Real Women, Real Stories, Jackie shares her inspiring journey of juggling a successful business, motherhood, and her commitment to fitness. Stay tuned for her incredible story of strength and determination.

Meet Jackie, a remarkable woman who wears many hats – a successful businesswoman, a devoted mom of two boys, and a fitness enthusiast. In this blog post, we dive into Jackie’s inspiring journey of how she overcame challenges, including a debilitating back injury, to prioritize her health and fitness at Rekreate Fitness.

Jackie’s Background:

Jackie’s story begins with her thriving businesses, one in the online realm and another in real estate. With a busy life that could easily overwhelm anyone, she recognized the importance of maintaining her health to continue excelling in her various roles.

The Turning Point:

For Jackie, it was a back injury that served as a wake-up call. The pain became unbearable, and she realized she needed to take action to regain her strength. This pivotal moment led her to explore fitness options, ultimately leading her to Rekreate Fitness.

Making the Commitment:

Jackie emphasizes the significance of commitment. She made a conscious choice to prioritize her health, understanding that a healthier, happier self would positively impact all aspects of her life. This determination drove her to join Rekreate Fitness.

Overcoming Challenges:

Initially, Jackie faced numerous challenges, including severe back pain and physical limitations. However, with the guidance of the supportive trainers at Rekreate Fitness and her unwavering commitment, she made remarkable progress. Sit-ups, which seemed impossible at first, became part of her routine.

The Power of Consistency:

Jackie’s biggest achievement in her fitness journey is her consistency. She emphasizes that consistency is key to success. Her dedication to working out at the gym 4-5 days a week, coupled with the positive and encouraging environment at Rekreate, played a crucial role in her transformation.

The Ripple Effect of Health:

Health and fitness have a profound impact on every aspect of life. Jackie believes that when you are happy and healthy, it resonates in your personal and professional life. Her fitness journey has not only improved her physical health but also her overall well-being.

Jackie’s Advice:

To those considering a fitness journey, especially if they’ve faced injuries or have been hesitant to start, Jackie suggests examining your pain points and pleasure points. Consider the alternative if you don’t take action. It’s this clarity that can motivate and drive you towards positive change.

Jackie’s story is a testament to the transformative power of commitment, consistency, and prioritizing health. Her journey at Rekreate Fitness showcases the incredible results that can be achieved through determination and the support of a welcoming fitness community.

If you’re inspired by Jackie’s story and are thinking about embarking on your fitness journey, we encourage you to reach out to us at Rekreate Fitness. We’re here to help you on your path to health and wellness, just as we’ve helped Jackie on hers.

Health is not just about exercise; it’s about a lifestyle, and it starts with taking that first step, just as Jackie did.

Ready to start your fitness journey? Contact us today to learn how we can support you in achieving your health and wellness goals.


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