Katey’s Transformation: From Skeptic to Gym Enthusiast at Rekreate Fitness

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Discover the incredible journey of Katey Fox, a vibrant member of Rekreate Women’s Fitness. Turning 52 next month, Katey’s story is a testament to the transformative power of embracing fitness, community, and self-love.

Katey’s Initial Hesitations:

When Katey first stumbled upon Rekreate’s ad, skepticism lingered. A call from Kylie, the founder, changed everything. Unlike typical gym pitches, Kylie focused on Katey’s needs and goals. The absence of a hard sell drew Katey in.

Embracing Perimenopause and Prioritizing Health:

Navigating perimenopause at 52, Katey faced challenges like weight gain, mood swings, and more. Her initial motivation to click on the gym’s link stemmed from a desire for change in a period of life where many feel stagnant.

The Rekreate Experience:

Contrary to expectations, Rekreate wasn’t about fitting into a mold of ‘yummy mummies.’ Katey found a diverse, supportive community of women, defying preconceptions. The gym became a place of fun, laughter, and genuine connection.

A Shift in Focus: Beyond the Scale:

Katey’s initial goal was weight loss, but Kylie’s advice to ditch the scales proved pivotal. The focus shifted from a number on a scale to feeling strong, fit, and enjoying the exercise. Katey lost 10kg but gained so much more.

Experiencing Joy in Exercise:

For Katey, the gym transformed from a dreaded obligation to a source of excitement. Breaking away from the monotony of traditional gyms, Rekreate’s dynamic workouts and supportive trainers made each session enjoyable.

Overcoming Mental and Physical Hurdles:

Katey’s biggest achievement? Going to the gym itself. Overcoming mental blocks, she discovered a love for exercise, realizing its positive impact on her mental and physical well-being.

Inspiring Others to Take the First Step:

Katey’s advice to women hesitant about the gym: Attend that first class at Rekreate. Her initial apprehension turned into a love for exercise, a testament to the welcoming atmosphere and personalized approach.

Achieving Confidence and Comfort:

Katey’s journey extended beyond a wedding goal. The newfound confidence allowed her to comfortably pick out a dress, showcasing the holistic impact of her fitness journey.

Katey’s story exemplifies the transformative potential of embracing fitness and community. Rekreate Fitness isn’t just a gym; it’s a supportive space where women like Katey find joy, strength, and lasting transformation.


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