Empowering Moms and Professionals – Kayla’s Journey to Wellness

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Finding Love in Fitness at Rekreate Gym

Kayla, a devoted mum of two and a busy physiotherapist-business owner, unveils her fitness journey and how Rekreate Gym became the game-changer.

The Challenges of Sticking to Fitness

Unveiling Kayla’s past struggles with gyms and the reasons why Rekreate Gym stood out as the one she finally fell in love with.

Balancing Motherhood and Business

Explore how Rekreate Gym’s childcare facility became the perfect solution for time-poor mums like Kayla, allowing her to prioritize both her kids and fitness.

A Supportive and Friendly Community

Discover the unique atmosphere at Rekreate Gym that Kayla describes as friendly, lovely, and supportive, creating a positive environment for her fitness journey.

Kayla's Fabulous Fitness Experience

Dive into Kayla’s year-long experience at Rekreate Gym – from working hard to continuous learning, and how it has been nothing short of fabulous for her busy and active life.

Kayla’s story at Rekreate Gym showcases how the right fitness community can transform one’s perspective on working out, even amid a hectic schedule. If you’re a busy mum or a professional struggling to stick to a fitness routine, Kayla’s experience might inspire you to find your fitness love at Rekreate Gym. Join us on this incredible journey!


P.S. If you are seeking weight loss, strength gains or general fitness and fun, we offer Group Training, 8-week Challenges and one-to-one Personal Coaching to help you reach and maintain your goals. If you are interested, book a call with me here: https://rekreatefitness.com.au/contact-us/

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