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Hey there! Kylie here from Rekreate Women’s Fitness. In our latest episode of “Real Women, Real Stories,” I had the pleasure of sitting down with two amazing women, Dannelle and Alyssa. Their story is one of friendship, determination, and incredible transformation.

About 10 months ago, Dannelle and Alyssa walked into Rekreate with a mission. They were looking for a change, a fresh start to their fitness journey. I remember our first meeting vividly; they were eager, asking all the right questions, and ready to embark on this new chapter.

Getting to Know Them:

Dannelle, the self-proclaimed “older, more mature one,” is a 41-year-old mother to a 14-year-old basketball and soccer enthusiast. Alyssa, her ever-energetic counterpart, is a 40-year-old mother to nine-year-old twin boys. Both women work full-time and have found solace in our 5:15 am training sessions.

The Transformation:

Their journey wasn’t just about weight loss; it was about feeling confident and good in their skin. Dannelle shed an impressive 16 kilos, while Alyssa lost 14 kilos. But beyond the numbers, it’s their newfound confidence and energy that truly shine.

The Power of Friendship:

One of the standout aspects of their journey is the power of camaraderie. Having a friend in the gym, someone to hold you accountable, can make all the difference. Their bond has not only strengthened their resolve but has also inspired others in our community.

Advice for Others:

For those feeling insecure or lacking confidence, Alyssa’s advice is simple: “Give it a go.” You don’t need to embark on this journey with a friend, as the community at Rekreate is supportive and welcoming. Dannelle adds that the diverse group of women at the gym ensures that everyone will find someone they connect with.

Dannelle and Alyssa’s story is a testament to the power of consistency, the right environment, and the strength of friendship. I’m grateful to have been a part of their journey and look forward to seeing what the future holds for these two incredible women.


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