Empowering Morning Routines: Trish’s Fitness Journey at Rekreate

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Step into the world of Trish, a dedicated mother of three and a force at Bunnings. In this blog post, we explore how Rekreate Fitness has become Trish’s sanctuary for self-expression and invigorating workouts, setting the tone for her day.

The Need to Be Me

Trish shares her perspective on why Rekreate Fitness is more than just a gym. Discover how this empowering space allows her to be herself and carve out precious “me time” amidst a busy schedule.

Meet Trish - Mother of Three

Get to know Trish, a multitasking marvel who manages a career at Bunnings while being a loving mother of three. Learn how her fitness journey intertwines with her role as a mom and a professional.

The Motivational Atmosphere

Trish highlights the infectious motivation radiating through Rekreate Fitness. Explore the impact of the positive atmosphere, where every workout begins with a smile and ends with a sense of accomplishment.

Walking in with a Smile, Walking Out with a Sweat

Experience a day in Trish’s life at Rekreate Fitness. Understand how the energizing workouts not only boost her physical health but also set a positive tone for the rest of her day.

Bunnings Powerhouse and Fitness Warrior

As a working mom, Trish embodies the spirit of a Bunnings powerhouse and a fitness warrior. Discover how she balances the demands of work, family, and personal wellness through her commitment to fitness.

Trish’s story exemplifies the fusion of strength, motivation, and self-care. Rekreate Fitness is more than a gym; it’s a haven where individuals like Trish find the inspiration to conquer their day. Join us in celebrating the empowering journey of moms, professionals, and fitness enthusiasts at Rekreate!


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