6 Week Weight Loss Program

Welcome to our 6 week weight loss challenge, we are confident that your experience will be a positive one and that it will motivate you to pursue a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of Wellness. We encourage you to commit to this “healthy lifestyle change” as you will be amazed at how it will positively impact other areas of your life.

Being healthy and taking care of our bodies is an important part of preventing disease, illness, reduce stress levels, cope with depression and anxiety and increase confidence only to name a few. It makes our day to day activities easier to handle, you will notice more energy and increased mobility and strength.

Your program has been designed for you to achieve maximum results in 6 weeks, we have included a Clean and Healthy Meal Plans as well as your training schedule for the 6 weeks.

Planning and Preparation

The most successful people in life are also the most prepared, so I can’t stress enough how important planning for the following week and following day will be to your ultimate success. If you fly by the seat of your pants and don’t have a clear plan of what time of the day you will exercise and what you will be eating, it will be almost impossible for you achieve your desired results.

Weekly Planning

Prior to the start of each week you will need to plan both your weekly meal plans and activity into your planner. Your sessions should be scheduled ahead of time, as this ill ensure that they remain a priority and you are less likely to reschedule.

Daily Planning

Every evening, check over your weekly planner for the following day and make sure that what you have planned will still be convenient. Your schedule may have changed and therefore you may need to make adjustments to your training times, or you may have an early start and find that preparing the night before will make the following day’s meals easier to stick to. Check your pantry and your fridge to make sure you have all the correct ingredients for the next days meals too.

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