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Rekreate Fitness would like to introduce our members to the lovely Shirley…Most of you will already know Shirley from the creche, Others will have seen her training at the gym but I don’t think you all know about Shirley’s wonderful and inspiring success story!!!

A bit about Shirley:

Shirley has been working at Rekreate Fitness Since November 2011; Shirley is a qualified childcare worker as well as having her beautiful daughter Melina, who most of you would see around the gym. Shirley is also at university doing a degree in Sociology…she is one busy lady!

Story of SUCCESS:

Shirley started her weight loss journey with the first ever REKREATE REVOLUTUON at the end of 2012, since them she has participated in EVERY Rekreate Revolution and has lost a total of 11kg and Shirley is still going!

Shirley plans to shed another 8kgs in the coming months and she is defiantly on track to achieving her goals!

Stay Tuned to hear more about

Shirley’s Success Story!

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Rekreate Fitness would like you to meet one of our members, Marie Tobin. Marie has been a member at Rekreate since we opened 2011 and before Rekreate opened Marie trained in Kylie's garage with her.

More about Marie....

Marie is 54 years old, her fitness goal when joining the gym was to loose weight and gain a healthier lifestyle while training in a positive environment with other like minded women.

Favorite Class: Group Centergy & Group PT

Marie's road to achieving her goals hasn't always been easy, "It was a long process involving a lot of hard work and persistence along with support from family, staff and members at Rekreate." Marie said.

But Marie has done it!

Marie has lost over 30kgs and has kept it off!!!

How you ask.....Marie has participated in Rekreate Revolution twice now, as well as signing up to Group PT and changing up her training routine with the help of Kylie!

"Revolution was life changing for me, I learnt how to make the RIGHT food choices as well as push me to train harder! Revolution is over now but the Group Pts are the daily push I need to keep improving my fitness."

But what's next for Marie....after achieving her weight-loss goals the journey is now far from over. Marie has signed up for another Revolution as well as continuing with Group Pts at Rekreate AND in Marie's words "Hitting the HEAVY weights."
A Word from the Trainer:

WOW – Marie looks fantastic and it is an absolute credit to herself. I have been training Marie for a number of years now and it has been an incredible journey to be apart of! Like many women Marie wanted to make a change and like many women, the hardest part was getting started. We are fed so much today about what we should and shouldn't eat or how to exercise to lose weight and it's almost impossible to pick the right advice for you to achieve the results you want but Marie did something different....Marie started personal training and participated in Revolution.

When I first started training Marie it was her motivation and commitment to losing weight that made this amazing achievement possible, Marie was ready and willing to change her lifestyle, nutrition and fitness. With my guidance and a few important changes to Marie's training and eating we were able to achieve this amazing weight-loss and fitness transformation as well as a whole new lifestyle and I know for Marie there is no turning back now and I couldn't be happier for her!


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