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Rekreate Fitness Would Like to Introduce You to Yvonne Walker!
Yvonne has been a member at Rekreate for over 12 months now, her journey with Rekreate has been one of success and an absolute pleasure to be apart of for the Rekreate Team!
Where it all began.....Yvonne is a successful business owner of HR with Ease, a local HR company dedicated to helping businesses manage employee behavior and performance – for example, preventing bullying and harassment – and get their people policies right. As well as implementing more efficient workplace procedures to improve staff productivity.
Yvonne met Kaitlyn, one of the gorgeous trainers at Rekreate Fitness while having coffee near the gym, I had no interest in joining a women's gym that offered the same repetitive circuits but I knew I needed to do something. I was the face of my business and I needed to be confident and put the best image forward I could and that meant feeling good in myself and looking good. A week later I joined Rekreate!

The Starting Goal: Yvonne had a weight target for June
2013, giving her just over 12 months to achieving her goal,
Yvonne also just wanted to fit into her clothes again!
“It became a release, giving me time out for me and I SMASHED
my goal with in 7 MONTHS!”
Yvonne trained hard, participating in Personal Training as well as group fitness. Yvonne also participated in Rekreate's first ever REKREATE REVOLUTION in September 2012 and loved it, losing over 8kg in 6 WEEKS and putting her well on her way to achieving her goal!
Since joining Rekreate Fitness Yvonne has not only achieve her weight loss and fitness goals, she has reached far beyond what she ever thought possible and what's more important is that she has maintained!
Yvonne has not only achieved fabulous results but she has achieved personal goals she has set herself that she never thought possible, Yvonne participated in the Fitness 5 Fun Run in April with Team Rekreate, getting over the line in an impressive 27:55, Yvonne's first EVER Fun Run!

Yvonne has also suffered a hip injury and has managed to
maintain her fitness, not gaining any weight and improving her upper body strength and SERIOUSLY toning up while not being able to run or participate in any high impact training for 7 weeks

The Team at Rekreate Fitness are so proud of Yvonne's Success and the incredible transformation we have been lucky enough to be apart of and we look forward to the next chapter for Yvonne!
If you have been inspired by Yvonne's incredible story or have your own goal that you would like to achieve, talk to the Rekreate Team on how we can get you there

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