Waist to Hip Ratio

This "Waist to Hip Ratio" Calculator is designed to help you get a sense of whether your level of fat and its distribution is a potential health concern.

To calculate your WHR, simply input your waist measurement in centimetres into the first box below, then enter your hip measurement in centimetres into the second box below and press the calculate button.

Your WHR will then be automatically displayed in the third box below and you can compare this result with the table below the calculate button to see what general category you fit into. 

Waist to Hip Ratio Chart:

Male Female Health Risk
0.95 or below 0.80 or below Low Risk
0.96 to 1.0 0.81 to 0.85 Moderate Risk
1.0+ 0.85+ High Risk

Important Notes

Our health is not only affected by how much body fat we have, but also by where most of the fat is located on our body. People who carry most of their excess fat in their hips and buttocks have roughly a pear body shape, while people who carry fat around the abdomen have more of an apple body shape . 

Those of us with apple shaped bodies are generally considered to have an increased risk of experiencing health problems associated with obesity, such as diabetes, coronary heart disease and high blood pressure. While our general body shape is genetically determined we can take special care to keep our weight at a healthy level, eat nutritiously, exercise as appropriate, and maintain other healthy lifestyle habits. 

As long as we minimize excess weight, having an apple shaped body or a pear shaped body doesn't put us at special risk - it's just one of those things to keep in mind. Even pear shaped people should take particular care to keep their weight within normal limits, to avoid the health problems associated with obesity. 

While the WHR can be useful in providing a guide (especially when used in combination with other guides like the BMI), it is just that, a guide. Whatever your WHR and BMI, it is always best to talk to your doctor to see if you are at an increased risk for disease and if you should lose or gain weight.

And remember, physical activity and good nutritional habits are key factors in leading a healthy lifestyle and reducing risk for disease.

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